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REAL opinion ozonation. - The concept was presented to me by the "owner" 6-9 months ago. At the risk of getting upset, I didn't pay attention. Not at all.

  • Bogdan Ocroteală, Europrotect Manager (35 employees)

- A month ago, as the Covid-19 problem worsened in Romania, I asked him to recommend me a cleaning company to disinfect my factory. Chlorine etc. It brings to my attention again the ozonation. I say obviously stressed "Sorin, you know that I am a follower of the product & service and not of marketing". However, he convince me on a Saturday around 5 pm. Until we get organized, we start at 8 pm. I endured on Saturday until around 11 pm for the process to end.
- During the process I entering several times in the spaces where the devices worked.

- The next day I woke up and found that my airways (as a smoker) were freer than I had for a long time.
- On Monday morning, curious about what I spent the money on, I arrived at the factory before the start of the program, at 7 o'clock, respectively. I really wanted to see people's reaction. Nobody knew. I was surprised to see that all my colleagues (as I said, 35 ladies) felt that something had happened. They did not understand the fresh smell of the factory.

So, I and my colleagues liked it. This is the positive effect.
The negative effect ... It creates addiction, people demand it, the budget increases.
These are the two directions, from my point of view.
It's up to you, but the effect is supreme.

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