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Industrial cleaning

For the execution of industrial cleaning operations, as well as for exterior cleaning we use specific machinery, equipment, detergents and especially experienced personnel.

Industrial cleaning

The industrial cleaning services are suitable for companies that have factories, production lines, warehouses, halls of any kind, industrial parks.
The industrial cleaning refers to the interior cleaning of all types of buildings, including administrative spaces in factories, plants, logistics warehouses, warehouses, industrial halls, different storage and production spaces. The maintenance and cleaning of the outdoor spaces, maintenance of green spaces and maintenance of concrete spaces (access roads, parking lots, alleys, etc.). For all this, the cleaning and removal of deposits from windows, access stairs to different equipment and height bearings, skylights, transport rails and other mobile equipment, such as crane or overhead crane, support beams, ventilation pipes, exhaust pipes are performed; sweeping and mechanical washing with automatic washing machine and drying hard floors (helicopter concrete, sandstone, epoxy, resin, marble, mosaic, PVC, etc.); vacuuming and cleaning high areas (metal structures, painted support pillars, cleaning vents, cleaning curtain walls and cleaning corrugated iron walls.

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