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Ozonation for removing the unpleasant odors in restaurants, cafes, bars

Restaurants have to face a big problem: the smell of cooked food. The smells in restaurants can determine the success of this kind of business; it can increase the number of clients and also can maintain a successful business for a long time.

Ozonation for removing the unpleasant odors in restaurants, cafes, bars

If the smell is "FRESH", then the location can function as a magnet for clients.
Ozone generators are easy to be installed in ventilation systems and they help to eliminate existing smoke, eliminating kitchen odors and other pollutants that may persist. Also, the system will destroy pathogens, reducing the risk of disease spreading in the air. Smokers can enjoy the pleasures after dinner and non-smokers will leave without heavy, old smells on their clothes. Everyone is satisfied!

Ozone treatment for restaurants, cafes, bars, is not only applied to floors and other hard surfaces, ozone entering in the upholstery of chairs, curtains and other textiles disinfecting them as well. Practically, the whole room with its furniture will be deodorized.
Also, the existing air conditioning installations inside the rooms are cleaned.
We recommend the ozonation of restaurants, bars and cafes, periodically, after the appearance of unpleasant odors depending on the frequency of events that take place.

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