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Ozonation for gyms, physiotherapy, massage, sports, dance

The atmosphere in the gyms, fitness, physiotherapy, dance and massage, is strongly loaded with microbes, bacteria and intense smells, generated by the effort made by clients. The differentiation of these kind of businesses is done by the ensuring a fresh smell in the respective rooms, a clean atmosphere that ensures the full satisfaction of the clients.

Ozonation for gyms, physiotherapy, massage, sports, dance

The ozone treatment has a deodorant effect for the room where the effort was made, all the unpleasant odors being removed and in the same time it acts like disinfectant for the equipments and items from the room, completely eliminating the existing microbes and bacteria. Ozone treatment is a fast and efficient method at the same time, not being the case of using chemicals for ozonation of gym.
Workouts in a room with pleasant smells and a comforting and fresh atmosphere guarantee the health and satisfaction of clients.
Recommendation: Apply the ozone treatment every 7 days

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