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Cleaning of air conditioning systems

The air conditioning systems in your home, office, hotel, restaurant or car require regular maintenance to maintain their efficiency and operation.

Cleaning of air conditioning systems

The microbial growth induces corrosion, prevents efficient cooling exchange and can quickly block the cooling system if not intervened and the main problem is the heavy and unbearable smell produced by bacteria.
The advances in technology have led to the development of a much more powerful weapon in the fight against microbes: ozone.
Ozone provides an efficient cleaning of air conditioners, being capable to destroy bacteria and dust mites inside the air conditioner and on its pipes.
Ozone also destroys Legionella, a bacterium that causes a serious form of pneumonia. Because of the cleaning of the air conditioning system, the whole room benefits from the effects of the ozone treatment. Our ozone generators can destroy microorganisms and organic matter that enter into the cooling system.
We recommend the ozonation of air conditioning installations every 6 months.

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