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Use of professional equipment - the guarantee of a 5-stars cleaning

The advantage of cleaning with mechanized equipment from the VLX range is that the germs are completely eliminated and can no longer be collected on the used mops during the manual cleaning. This minimizes the risk of recontamination. Also, the hands of the cleaner remain clean.

  • Sunday 18.08.2019 - 12:41
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Use of professional equipment - the guarantee of a 5-stars cleaning

The use of mechanized equipment increases efficiency, given that a larger surface can be cleaned in a shorter time. Another advantage: the detergent can be dosed accurately according to the instructions on the package. Also, the component that ensures the wiping of the surfaces applied a higher pressure on the floors, and this increases the cleaning performance, compared to a manual mop.


Utilizarea echipamentelor profesionale

We, Expert Facility & Cleaning, use mechanized equipment from the VLX range, a compact, reliable and easy-to-use washer-dryer that offers efficient cleaning in tight spaces. Easy-to-use controls, simple design and ergonomic handle guarantee easy operation. It is ideal for hard-to-reach magazine and office spaces. An important feature of the VLX 416S is the ECO mode. Because of this mode, the noise level is reduced and the operating time is increased.

“5 stars cleaning” – a project for PERFORMANCE.

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