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Ozone Odor

OZONE ODOR is a company that offers cleaning and the elimination of unpleasant odors services using ozone generators in the Oltenia region.

Ozone Odor

Having a very busy daily program to keep their home clean and free of unpleasant odors, most people turn to specialized companies for hygiene and removal of some unpleasant odors. Even companies, whether big or small, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, car services, restaurants, pharmacies, commercial spaces, offices, warehouses, all can benefit from the advantages of outsourcing sanitation services and removing unpleasant odors using ozone generators. Thus, both people and companies address OZONE ODOR team for specialized ozonation services, our company offer containing a wide range of services designed to ensure a high quality cleaning.


What is ozone?

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen having three oxygen atoms in each molecule, the molecular weight being 48, this means 1.5 times heavier than the one of oxygen and it is formed when an electrical spark passes through the oxygen.
In very low concentrations this is an almost colorless and odorless gas, but in higher concentrations it appears a strong smell of green grass, but when it exceeds 15%, it has a light green color and becomes toxic to living organisms. Ozone is an unstable gas, depending on air pressure and temperature. Upon decomposition of ozone, the molecular and atomic oxygen is formed which has a very high energy potential. Because of this, it has its major oxidative properties which are used in different fields nowadays.
In 1783, the Dutchman Martinus Van Marum describes for the first time a gas with a specific odor that occurs during electric discharge in oxygen. In 1841, the German SchÅ‘nbein continued his predecessor's studies and named "gas with a specific odor" with the Greek word ”ozein” that  means "fresh air." In 1856 Tait and Andews support the hypothesis that ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen. In 1857, the first ozone generator was created by Werner von Siemens. In 1898 Brodie and Landenburg introducedfor the first time the chemical formula of ozone - O3.

Ozone Generator Presentation

Ozone generators are a subclass of air purifiers that rely on their ozone to eliminate the odors and inhibit the germs and mold.

Sometimes, many of us often experience unpleasant odors in our home because of some unknown reasons. In most cases, these unpleasant odors do not dissapear, but stick like traps in one place and you are forced to find a suitable solution. And the perfect solution is the ozone generator with its benefits.

Like an air purifier, this device was used for a long time to eliminate annoying odors caused by cigarette smoke or cooking. More importantly, it is cappable to refresh the air quality in your room by eliminating all the harmful bacteria that lead to unpleasant odors.

The Ozone generators are a subclass of air purifiers that rely on their ozone to combat odors and inhibit germs and mold. They are considered the best in their class when they odorize spaces, because they can easily neutralize all kinds of odors, but ozone is known to be harmful to people and animals.
Ozone generators can be a gold mine if they are used correctly.


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