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Expert Facility & Cleaning

Your cleaning expert provides you with employees ready to meet your requirements as well as those of space and time so that the activity of your employees is not affected and the environment conducive to work is ensured every morning.

Expert Facility & Cleaning

EXPERT FACILTY & CLEANING is a Romanian company with fully private capital, specialized in cleaning services.
The quality of our services is the main feature on which the company bases its activity. The ecological solutions and equipment used are professional, last generation, manufactured in the European Union which guarantees by suitable methods professional services at European standards for cleaning companies.
To obtain a pleasant working environment and climate, for the maintenance and conservation of buildings we use advanced, environment-protective technology, with special emphasis on the continuous development of new technological innovations.
The selection of our team is done based on the principles of integrity, seriousness and professional training.

Our mission is to respond promptly, professionally and quality to clients requests for cleaning services in Oltenia (industrial and civil, hotel, financial, office buildings, etc.).

We clean first for health, then for view/look. The facilities may look clean but totally unhealthy. When we clean for health, we help eliminate all the bacteria, particles that damage the lungs and the spread of other harmful materials. While appearance is important,”the health” of the building has a much greater impact on its occupants.

Kaivac NoTouch 1750 system
VLX 416S
Tennant E5
VLX 1040S
Professional wet vacuum cleaner TENNANT V12, V14
TENNANT V6 vacuum cleaner
Monodisc TENNANT F3
TENNANT 1210-1215



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